The wind howled mournfully, its mysterious tune slicing through the quiet of the night. Demetrius felt a peculiar sensation, like a ripple in the framework of the universe, as the winds whipped around him. He felt a vibration he had not experienced before.
And suddenly, he wasn't in the same place he'd been. Instead, he arrived at the entrance to a labyrinth, a golden maze woven with straw, frankincense, and mortar. Slick with cold, unidentifiable dampness. The sandstone walls extended upward, eventually disappearing into pitch blackness.
The labyrinth represented more than just a confusing maze of stone and darkness; it also served as a symbol of danger and intrigue. There was a palpable sense of foreboding in the air; a hushed whisper that crept along the moss-covered stones and hinted at difficulties yet to come.
There was no way for any light to make its way into the labyrinth, but the dim celestial glow from Demetrius' torch cast elongated shadows that danced across the walls. The wind ceased blowing, as if the very elements themselves were waiting to see what this Father of Time Travel would do next.
With only the dim illumination of the flame to help him, Demetrius dove headfirst into the maze, his resolve serving as an effective barrier against the growing unease. Where did he go from here, into this maze of stone and darkness? He had no idea. His torch had gone out. Whatever it was, he was prepared to face it with the force of the cosmos and the knowledge of days gone by.
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