Book Launch May 2023
As we enter 2023 and continue to advance technologically, it's important to remember the value of storytelling. Time travel, in particular, allows us to not only explore different eras and historical events but also to gain new perspectives and understandings of the world around us.
That's where "Time Traveler's Digest" comes in. This podcast explores the fascinating world of time travel through a mix of ancient legends and modern science, bringing listeners on an exciting journey through time. From the mysteries of the Mayans to the latest advancements in quantum mechanics, we cover it all.
But it's not just about the destination - it's about the journey as well. The vivid, imaginative, and cinematic music in our podcast will transport you to different time periods and places, immersing you in the stories of time travelers from the past, present, and future. You'll become an active participant in retelling these ancient legends, closing your eyes, and letting yourself be whisked away to distant lands and centuries-old tales.
So join us on this thrilling journey through time and space with "Time Traveler's Digest." Subscribe now, and let us take you on an exciting exploration of the past, present, and future.
Damien Lamar
About the Author
Damien Lamar is Florida-bred by way of New York.
He is an American author of speculative fiction.
Time Traveler’s Digest is his first novel. He currently lives in New Hampshire. Find him on Instagram @iamdamienlamar.
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