Intrigued by Afrocentric literature, science fiction, and time travel?
Experience the unique blend of speculative fiction and the African diaspora in "Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology" by first-time author Damien Lamar Robinson. This thrilling digital publication and Sci-Fi Audio Drama follows the journey of protagonist Demetrius the Wise, an ancient Egyptian philosopher and Kemetic demigod who trains students at the Academy of Time Travelers in the science and practice of time travel.
As the students find themselves caught in a potentially hazardous situation, they must grapple with the implications of their decisions while trying to alter historical events and confront formidable enemies. This novel captivates readers from start to finish with a diverse cast, unexpected twists, and an unpredictable finale. It offers an intimate look at the future of time travel and its impact on humanity. Get ready for an incomparable journey through time, space, and history that will leave you spellbound.
Book Launch Slated for Release in August 2023!

About the Author
Meet Damien Lamar, a simultaneous multipotentialite and artistic polymath who has been at the forefront of today's changing cultural landscape for over two and a half decades. With a background in digital art, illustration, music, writing, and branding, Damien is an all-around creative powerhouse.

Damien Lamar Robinson, a debut author, and creative wunderkind, has been influencing culture for more than 25 years. He is a true creative powerhouse with skills in digital art, audio/video production, music, writing, and branding.

Robinson, a passionate musician, and former vocalist for several bands, performs with conviction, which has also translated into showcasing his expertise in music production and design. His broad range of accomplishments includes collaborations on film and web platforms. His emerging status as a writer draws into focus his love of multimedia storytelling, which is enhanced by an acute sense of sound and design.

However, Damien Lamar's talents don't stop there; he has even dabbled in the realm of machine learning over the past year, writing as an AI content writer and producing generative artwork and designs. Damien Lamar's ability to tackle any project and bring a distinctive perspective is clear, given the breadth of his experience and tenacity.
In addition to being a web producer and a neurodivergent thought leader, Damien Lamar is a specialist in audio engineering and podcast production and the founder and creative director of ProfessorClock Media, a brand design firm.

Damien Lamar approaches every project with creativity and passion, always looking for fresh and cutting-edge ways to connect with audiences. Whether he is writing a book, composing music, or designing a brand. He has devoted years to studying science fiction, Egyptian mythological cosmologies, and African-American literature. This stimulating anthology is the result of his original insights and inventive mind
Damien Lamar is Florida-bred by way of New York.
He is an American author of speculative fiction.
Time Traveler’s Digest is his first novel. 
He currently lives in New Hampshire. 
Find him on Instagram @iamdamienlamar.
Immerse yourself in a fascinating fusion of short stories set against the expansive backdrop of time travel in the forthcoming anthology, "Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology."
This novel includes an audio-drama podcast and a quarterly magazine with illustrations. The podcast and magazine work together to tell a story about time, humanity, and history.
The anthology unfolds the thrilling narrative of the protagonist, Demetrius the Wise, an ancient Egyptian philosopher and Kemetic demigod. He imparts the science of time at the Academy for Time Travelers. The students, as they traverse through uncertain temporal scenarios, grapple with the repercussions of their decisions, impact historical events, and confront formidable challenges.
The anthology offers a personal look into the future of time travel and its possible consequences for humanity's existence. It hooks readers right from the start with its diverse cast of characters, unexpected twists, and unforeseeable conclusions.
"Time Traveler's Digest" is a literary gem, especially for fans of Afrofuturism, speculative fiction, and temporal science. It transcends traditional storytelling norms to provide an immersive, multi-media experience. The visual elements reflect the rich tapestry of the African diaspora's history and culture.
Enjoy exclusive chapters and excerpts from this innovative blend of science fiction and fantasy to gain insight into the author's creative mind.
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