Time Traveler’s Digest is an original speculative fiction and a Sci-Fi Audio Drama created by PROFESSORCLOCK MEDIA
Time Traveler's Digest and ProfessorClock Media present “The Black Ones," an excerpt from the forthcoming speculative fiction anthology series.
"The Black Ones" is a captivating tale of a long-lost civilization and the mysterious, powerful beings that protected it. Set in ancient Kemet, the story delves into the beliefs of a people who worshiped the Black Ones as gods with the ability to control the universe. But as the narrative unfolds, it is revealed that these beings were actually ancient time travelers from the future who had come back in time to prevent the atrocities of the future from happening. Through their secret visits to the past, they left behind clues and symbols in the form of great temples and pyramids, preserving their message for future generations. This episode explores the themes of sacrifice, knowledge, and the power of time travel to change the course of history for the better. With elements of science fiction and historical fiction, Time Traveler's Digest will leave readers pondering the true nature of time and the impact of our ancestors on the present.
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The book Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology will be available in May 2023.
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Written by Damien Lamar Robinson
Music featured in this episode:
"Desert Planet" by Quincas Moreira. Used by Permission. Licensed through YouTube Studio. All rights reserved.
-    "Cronos Catharsis" from the album QUADRILOGY by Damien Lamar. Used by Permission. Licensed through ProfessorClock Media, Inc. All rights reserved.
Vocal production, mixing, mastering, and recording engineering by Damien Lamar Robinson.
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