The ancient prophets and sages of Kemet foretold a time when the sacred truths would be lost. 
It is said that knowledge would have to go underground for a future generation to rediscover.
The time has come! 
A new form of travel to the past, present, and future has been revealed to mankind.
Experience the unique blend of speculative fiction and the African diaspora with time. "Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology" is a thrilling speculative fiction novel, digital publication, and Sci-Fi Audio Drama by first-time author Damien Lamar Robinson. The series explores narratives from the pioneers of time travel, following the journey of the protagonist, a Kemetic demigod named Demetrius the Wise, an ancient Egyptian philosopher who trains students at the Academy of Time Travelers in the science and practice of time travel. The students find themselves caught up in a potentially hazardous situation wherein they must grapple with the implications of their decisions while attempting to alter historical events and face formidable enemies.
With a diverse cast of characters, unexpected twists, and an unpredictable finale, this novel will captivate readers from start to finish. Through the alternating perspectives of their students, readers get an intimate look at the future of time travel and its implications for humanity. Captivating and thought-provoking, "Time Traveler's Digest" is an incomparable journey through time, space, and history that will leave readers spellbound.

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Through time, space, and the African diaspora, this unique collection features a curated selection of speculative fiction stories written by some of the most exciting voices in the genre today. These stories will take you through worlds and times that evoke wonder, awe, and contemplation.
As you listen to the podcast and delve into the pages of TEMPORAL VISIONS, the new illustrated gallery, you'll encounter imaginative worlds where history is reimagined, and the past shapes the future. The stories in this anthology will challenge your understanding of time and how it shapes our lives. They will transport you to places and times you have never been before and take you on an emotional journey.
But it's not just the stories that make this anthology special. The art, photographs, and designs accompanying the stories will take your breath away, as will the exclusive author transcription, which will provide insight into the authors' creative process. You'll find AI-generated art in there too. They will give you a deeper understanding of the stories and themes they explore.
This anthology is available exclusively to Patreon subscribers, who will have access to the magazine until it's available and accessible to the general public. It's an opportunity to get access to a diverse set of stories that push the boundaries of imagination and storytelling. So, come and take this journey with us and discover how the African diaspora has shaped our past, present, and future.
Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology is coming in May 2023! Support the project & gain access to production notes, credits, & episode transcripts at #timetravel #speculativefiction. 
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