The ancient prophets and sages of Kemet foretold a time when the sacred truths would be lost. 
It is said that knowledge would have to go underground for a future generation to rediscover.
The time has come! 
A new form of travel to the past, present, and future has been revealed to mankind.
Immerse yourself in a fascinating fusion of short stories set against the expansive backdrop of time travel in the forthcoming anthology, "Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology." 
This novel includes an audio-drama podcast and a quarterly magazine with illustrations. The podcast and magazine work together to tell a story about time, humanity, and history.

The anthology unfolds the thrilling narrative of the protagonist, Demetrius the Wise, an ancient Egyptian philosopher and Kemetic demigod. He imparts the science of time at the Academy for Time Travelers. The students, as they traverse through uncertain temporal scenarios, grapple with the repercussions of their decisions, impact historical events, and confront formidable challenges. 

The anthology offers a personal look into the future of time travel and its possible consequences for humanity's existence. It hooks readers right from the start with its diverse cast of characters, unexpected twists, and unforeseeable conclusions.

"Time Traveler's Digest" is a literary gem, especially for fans of Afrofuturism, speculative fiction, and temporal science. It transcends traditional storytelling norms to provide an immersive, multi-media experience. The visual elements reflect the rich tapestry of the African diaspora's history and culture.

Enjoy exclusive chapters and excerpts from this innovative blend of science fiction and fantasy to gain insight into the author's creative mind.


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