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Travel through time and space with the first students of time travel. Experience stories that are as diverse as they are compelling. 👽🔭👩🏾‍🚀🚀💫
“The past is a foreign place.”
For those of us who have never traveled back in time, it can seem surreal, like a dream. 
It makes the places we know now—the streets we walk on and the people we see every day—feel like a strange and distant memory that may or may not even be real.
It's easy to forget that everyone has a different past. Even if you've lived in the same town your whole life, you might not know where your neighbor grew up, worked before they had kids, or what their city was like in the olden days.
When Demetrius the Wise discovered time travel in the 1st century B.C., he wanted to change that. He and his team of students travel to the banned future to recover a stolen book.
The work of these intrepid time travelers lives on today in       Time Traveler's Digest, an unforgettable time-traveling experience for people who want to live vicariously through the experiences of characters from diverse periods in history.
Every day, travelers from across history take the oath to protect the time stream. Now it's your turn. Selected to participate in the first wave of time travel, four brave students describe what it was like to travel into the past and future! The collection includes 20 stories ranging from poetry and flash fiction to long-form fiction.
From Alexandria, Egypt, during the reign of Cleopatra, to a utopian future with advanced technology and bio-mechanical enhancements - experience history through immersive stories, poetry, and speculative flash fiction. Now you can experience it for yourself!
Time Traveler's Digest is an anthology of stories directly from the first students of time travel from an intimate and breathtaking perspective.
Hailed by the author as 'the most useful anthology to help you better understand your future.

Demetrius the Wise was a scholar who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, during its golden age. He knew what was inside the scrolls of the Great Library—and he knew it would be lost forever.
The Great Library of Alexandria was a collection of over 700,000 scrolls that contained all of history's greatest knowledge. But on March 19th, 48 BC, it burned to the ground. The fire lasted for several days, destroying countless pieces of history—some irreplaceable by modern standards.
Demetrius the Wise, who knew what the scrolls contained, vanished in the smoke, leaving their secret, science, and knowledge buried with them. He knew that if he wanted to save this knowledge from being lost forever, he would need to travel into the future.
Shortly after the fire, filled with angst from the enormity of the knowledge lost, Demetrius the Wise sought out help from an amanuensis to help him transcribe several lost scrolls and to help him locate the 2nd copy of sacred ancient text called The Khemetic Quantianuim.
Damien Lamar
About the Author
Damien Lamar is Florida-bred by way of New York.
He is an American author of speculative fiction.
Time Traveler’s Digest is his first novel. He currently lives in New Hampshire. Find him on Instagram @iamdamienlamar.
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