Time Traveler's Digest brings us narratives directly from the first students of time travel. It takes the reader on an immersive journey through time, from short stories to flash fiction, poetry to novellas, and more.
Demetrius the Wise travels about, carrying The Khemetic Quantanium and adding stories he and his companions witness to it. The rest of humanity can receive its powerful knowledge before time is no more.
In March of 48 BC, the Great Library of Alexandria was on fire. The destruction lasted for several days, leaving scholars, librarians, and citizens of the time devastated. Destroyed in the library were countless pieces of history—some of them irreplaceable by modern standards.
With the Great Fire of Alexandria came a cultural and scientific tragedy. Demetrius the Wise, who knew what the scrolls contained, vanished in the smoke, leaving their secret, science, and knowledge buried with them. He was faced with a problem that could never be replaced without traveling to the future.
From the fire that destroyed the library to today's international refugee crisis, the archival repository has been disrupted or eradicated many times. Is the current trend of archive migration an opportunity to rethink how we access and preserve our digital heritage?
What are the risks?
Was the fire at the library accidental? The same fire destroyed the granaries and naval arsenals by the harbor, where over four hundred thousand papyrus rolls were burnt.
Go back in time and read stories directly from the first students of time travel. 
Set in ancient Alexandria, Egypt, each letter offers you a chance to experience history through immersive stories, poetry, and speculative flash fiction.
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