Welcome to Time Traveler's Digest: Anthology- a new literary speculative fiction series and anthology that includes over 30 never-before-told narratives directly from the first students of time travel. Narrated by writer/producer Damien Lamar, Time Traveler's Digest features an eclectic mix of student content, including letters, journal entries, and short fiction.
"Invisible Sun (The Parallax Morph Syndrome)" (a two-part short story from Chapter 8, Story 8 called "NOW:TIME")  is penned by a student time traveler, Amara Eden of Alexandria, Egypt, who writes about the first-time traveling archivist Demetrius The Wise at The Great Library of Alexandria in 48 B.C.E. This new literary creation recounts Amara Eden's version of events as Demetrius lectures potential students on relativity theory, which is required coursework for all first-year students at The Academy of Time Travelers. Demetrius the Wise prepares students for their first trips through time and teaches them how to plan for future events that will occur in the present day, 2022 C.E.
The new series features SFX and original music and looks back at the events during their final year of training to become full-fledged time travelers.

The book, Time Traveler's Digest: Anthology will be available in May 2023.

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